Honoring Dr. Jeffrey & Amanda Morrison – Parents of the Year Awardees

We are thrilled to announce the Park East Synagogue Parents of the Year Awardees, Dr. Jeffrey & Amanda Morrison! Join us on Wednesday, June 5 for our Annual Dinner as we honor Dr. Jeffrey and Amanda in support of our Synagogue and Jewish Education.

Dr. Jeffrey and Amanda Morrison, a globally connected couple, found love in New York City, marking eight years of a joyful marriage. Active members at Park East Synagogue, they are dedicated parents to Maya and Sylvie, who are flourishing at Park East Hebrew School. The Morrisons are regulars at Children’s Shabbat service and various synagogue events, deeply embedding themselves in the community.

Amanda’s journey towards Judaism took a serendipitous turn long before she met Jeff. Born and raised in Taiwan, her classically trained talents as a pianist and opera singer led her from the vibrant streets of Taipei to the Black Box at New York University. It was there that she encountered Anna Skibinsky, an Israeli soprano whose mentorship opened Amanda’s eyes to the rich warmth of Israeli culture. As her career blossomed, taking her to iconic venues like the New York Mets and Carnegie Hall, Amanda’s path crossed with many Jewish families. This led to a renewed zest for teaching music, fostering cultural exchange and laying the foundation for her unique bond with Judaism, shaping her into a “Taiwanese-Jewish” spirit at heart long before her life intertwined with Jeff’s. Through the universal language of music and the shared notes of cultural harmony, Amanda’s appreciation for Judaism grew, nurturing a connection that would later be deepened through marriage and community life.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey, the medical director and senior physician at his private practice in midtown Manhattan, dedicates his expertise to Integrative Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, focusing on helping individuals manage chronic health issues. Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he is the child of Jerry and Marti, second-generation Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. A New Yorker since 2001, Jeffrey has dedicated himself to providing holistic healthcare, reflecting his passion for well-being in both his practice and his involvement in the community.

The Morrisons express their immense gratitude for finding a spiritual home at Park East Synagogue. Inspired by Rabbi Schneier’s leadership, they have discovered a welcoming community that extends far beyond mere congregation. They cherish the opportunity to support Hebrew school teachers nurturing their children’s education, while forging meaningful connections with new friends that continue to deepen their own Jewish cultural and spiritual bonds.

A special appreciation goes to Rabbi Flatto for his guidance in weekly Parsha readings, Rabbi Caleb Fischer for sharing insights on living a meaningful Jewish life, and Rabbi Einsidler and Cantor Laivi for their dedication to passing on Jewish learning, songs, and heritage to the next generation within Park East Hebrew School. A heartfelt thank you also extends to Toby Einsidler, their children’s beloved teacher, whose passion inspires joy in their weekly Shabbat morning children’s service.

In honoring Jeff and Amanda Morrison, Park East Synagogue and its Hebrew School celebrate this vibrant couple as enthusiastic contributors to the congregation. Their unique attributes and dedication add immeasurable value to the shul and the wider community they have embraced as their own.