Shabbat Gameroom

This is an opportunity to run, play, think, and socialize with the members of our community in a way that you often don't have time to.

Park East Synagogue opens the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School Gymnasium into a “Shabbat Game Room” every Shabbat. Shabbat Gameroom is for Kindergarten through 8th grade and younger children with an accompanying adult. Both children and parents are always excited about this part of the Shabbat Day from 1:00 – 3:00.

Here children have a chance to play Ping Pong, Foozball, Knock Hockey and Shuffle Board as well as Jenga, Checks, Checkers, Mancala. For our younger members we offer Uno, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Ice Breaker, Connect Four and many more classic and new board games.

Besides all the classics, the children get a chance to play in some of the most popular gym games such as Knock Out, Soccer Shoot Out and Crack-Em-Out.

Heidi and Donny Wechsler
Heidi and Donny Wechsler have been overseeing the Jr. Congregation Department for the past 3 years. Under their direction they have seen a tremendous growth in the Jr. Congregation Services and High Holidays Programs. Heidi has been teaching Pre K for 16 years and the past 8 at RASPEDS. Donny has been a part of the Park East Community for the past 20 years. He is the school’s Physical Education teacher. He also holds several other positions, such as Director of the Afterschool Program Act II and coaches the school’s Basketball and Soccer Teams. Donny implemented the Park East Youth Grip Trip Program and has taken children on adventures both in and out of New York City. In the summer months Heidi and Donny run a sleep-away camp, Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village, and are always eager to return to Park East. They look forward to their son Alexander Philip joining all the exciting programs at Park East.