Sunday Shkola

Sunday Shkola is innovative and exciting program that will educate Russian Jewish children about their heritage. Russian culture, pastimes, and language as well as Jewish traditions will be taught through enjoyable art, music, and poetry activities.

11:00am – 1pm on scheduled Sunday afternoons.
Contact Zhenya Lopatnik at [email protected] with any questions.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming events for the 2023-2024 school year:

September 10 – Holidays of the Month Tishrei
October 29 – Jewish Heroes
November 19 – Jewish Heroines
December 10 – Chanukah Party
January 21 – Tu Bi Shvat
February 25 – Erets Israel
March 10 – Pre-Purim Party
April 14th – Pre-Passover event
May 19th – The End of Year Celebration

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Learn More About Shkola

  • Our Program
    All classes for children under seven years old are taught in Russian Language by our dedicated and experienced Russian speaking teachers. We offer small class sizes and high teacher to student ratio. We also provide nutritious snacks.
  • Positive Jewish Identity
    Improving the children’s fluency in the Russian language, knowledge of songs & poetry.
  • Art Studio
    Using various media such as aquarelles, pastels and acrylic to learn new techniques in drawing & painting – expressing Judaism through art.
  • Extra-Curricular
    Trips, Carnivals, Holiday Parties, Guest Performances and much more.


Sunday Shkola Staff

We have two permanent class teachers. Our Head of Education, Zhenya Lopatnik, leads classes for our older students, and Raisa Sherman leads classes with our early childhood students.

We invite the best Jewish educators to serve as guest faculty for our art, theater, and music sessions.