Honoring Dr. Alex & Olga Rovt – Guests of Honor

We are thrilled to announce the Park East Synagogue Annual Dinner Guests of Honor, Dr. Alex & Olga Rovt! Join us on Wednesday, June 5 for our Annual Dinner as we honor Dr. Alex and Olga in support of our Synagogue and Jewish Education.

Dr. Alex Rovt was born in the Transcarpathian region presently Ukraine that was Hungary until 1945. Upon his graduation from the Lviv Business School, Dr. Rovt successfully completed and earned the equivalent of a Masters in Business Administration with further obtaining his PhD Degree in Economics, specializing in World Economy and International Economic Relations.

Dr. Rovt started his career as an international businessman and entrepreneur with the real success coming to him in 1978 in the Republic of Hungary when he had accepted the managerial work offer in the Hungarian state-owned company ‘Zoldert’ of the agricultural industry. In 1985 Dr. Rovt came to the United States as Assistant to the President of IBE Trade Corp., an American company with the office in Manhattan, that has been engaged in the production and marketing of agricultural fertilizers throughout the world. In a few years Dr. Rovt was promoted to Vice President of IBE Trade Corp. and finally in 1996 he became the company’s President and sole owner.

Dr. Rovt is not only a businessman, but also a philanthropist. An ardent supporter of children’s charities, Dr. Rovt is the main sponsor, trustee and President of ZDR Yeshiva Rambam and co-sponsor, trustee and Vice President of Yeshiva of Flatbush, both located in Brooklyn. Dr. Rovt also supports scholarship programs to cover tuition costs of many international students that wish to study in the United States (John Jay College, Fordham University).

From 2001 until 2018 Dr. Rovt had been a member, the Vice Chairman, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. In September, 2012, he became Chairman for the Board of Trustees of BUHMC. In 2003 he was selected as Brookdale Hospital’s Board of Trustees Honoree at the Brookdale Hospital Annual Tribute Ball. On May 12th, 2006, in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel he received his Unified Hospital Fund’s Distinguished Trustee Award. 

In April 2005, Dr. Alex Rovt was appointed by the Council of the City of New York as a Member of the New York City Board of Correction and served on the Board for 10 years until his tenure had expired in 2015. 

In February 2006, Dr. Alex Rovt was appointed by Governor Pataki as a Member of the Small Business Advisory Board of the New York State Senate.

In September 2008 Dr. Alex Rovt was admitted to exercise the functions of the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the city of Szeged, Hungary, in the territory with traditionally mixed ethnic population groups of Hungarians and Ukrainians. For his successful public work in the status of the Honorary Consul in 2016 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, Dr. Rovt was awarded the Fifth Degree Order of Yaroslav Mudry.    

Dr. Rovt is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Maimonides Medical Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice; a Trustee on the Board of Governors for the Touro College and University System, and is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for OBHS, Inc.

Dr. Alex Rovt is married to Olga and has two sons, Philip and Maxwell.