Hebrew School at the Youth Enrichment Center

The Leon & Gina Fromer Youth Enrichment Center is a journey of Jewish learning that will ultimately give your child the basic tools to excel in many areas of the Hebrew language and our great Jewish tradition.

2023-2024 Hebrew School Enrollment

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Teaching Through Participation
Our primary mission is to make your child feel comfortable in a Jewish environment, with Jewish friends, while studying the Hebrew language and learning all about our Jewish heritage. We aim to engage every child and help him/her participate enthusiastically in Judaism and Jewish activities on his or her individual level.

Classes are conducted in the prestigious Park East Synagogue building, a New York City landmark, on Mondays from 4-6pm.

We offer pickup and busing to our school. If you indicate which school your child attends, we will pick them up and bring them to Hebrew School.

General Studies

  • Early Hebrew Alphabet Learning for Kindergarten
  • Advanced Hebrew Studies Program
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program
  • Post Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program
  • Collective Synagogue prayer service for upper grades
  • Traditional Jewish songs and prayer in the Synagogue for all grades
  • NEW Our very own music teacher, Esther Radzyner

Hebrew School Programs

  • Shofar Factory before Rosh Hashanah
    Every child creates his or her own Shofar—the ultimate experience of learning through activity. Our children get to take their own Shofar home and blow it on Rosh Hashanah.

  • Chanukah Party
    Every year, we look forward to our Chanukah party with doughnuts, latkes and gelt. The students at our Center get to craft their very own Menorot to take home for this very special “Festival of Lights.” This hands-on program reinforces the rituals and traditions of Chanukah through active participation and creation.

  • Succot Experience
    Our tradition teaches us that clouds protected the Jewish People upon our Exodus from Egypt. Park East Synagogue is famous for building the most beautiful Succah on the Upper East Side. Our children at the Youth Enrichment Center have an entire Monday afternoon learning session in the Succah, where we teach them through participation the importance of Jewish tradition and learning. We end the session like every other Jewish function—with lots of food.

  • NEW Jewish Children’s Museum Trip
    Recently, we have enhanced our program by taking the entire school on an educational Sunday trip to the award-winning Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. This tour immerses the children primarily in the intricacies of the observance of Jewish holidays and the importance of Shabbat in an exciting, interactive way.

  • Purim Extravaganza
    What would Purim be without a great carnival? At the Youth Enrichment Center, we teach our students about the miracle of Purim with Mordechai and Esther with all the bells and whistles. From magic shows to face painting, cotton candy, and pizza, our Carnival is a treat that the children truly anticipate all year.

  • Model Seder
    A key highlight of the year is our Model Seder where each child creates his or her own Seder plate and proudly participates in the service in the very halls of our 123-year-old Synagogue. We relish the moment when the children sing the Ma’nishtana with their parents and grandparents at our Seder table.

  • Yom Hashoah
    In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day this year, we were fortunate to host the students of the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School as they enacted a human exhibit of the Nuremberg trials for our children. This program served as an opportunity for students from throughout the institution to engage one another on a peer-to-peer level and to impart a deeper understanding of the meaning and magnitude of Yom Hashoah through their active participation.

  • Yom Ha’atzmaut
    Throughout the year, our curriculum spotlights Israel and Jerusalem as they relate to religious and historical milestones in Jewish history and tradition. We impart to our children the importance of Israeli Independence Day through the presentation of a living Jewish “exhibit”—an active Israeli soldier. This interaction gives the children of our Youth Enrichment Center a sense of pride and a richer understanding of the recent history of the Jewish State.

  • Shavuot
    The importance of the Torah is taught to our children with the implementation of our new Shavuot program. At our Center, we enlist a professional photographer to take individual portraits of all of the children next to the Torah. This personal contact with the Torah in the Main Sanctuary serves as an opportunity to connect the moment to Shavuot, the celebration of the reception of the Torah on Mt. Sinai—with the added bonus of a personalized memento to mark the occasion.

  • Commencement Ceremony
    Our end of the year Commencement Ceremony is crowned with diplomas, pictures, and lots of prizes for the children at our Youth Enrichment Center, as we celebrate the achievements of all our students and bid farewell to the graduating class.

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  • Cantor Laivi Freundlich

    Cantor Laivi Freundlich born in England, studied in Canada, South Africa and the USA where he obtained his Rabbinical Ordination.
    At the young age of 13 he was appointed Cantor of the Rectory Square Synagogue in London’s famous East End. Laivi began his formal Cantorial training whilst studying in Canada under the direction of the late Cantor David Bagley.

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  • Rabbi Harold Einsidler

    For 44 years, Rabbi Harold Einsidler has been an essential part of the Park East community. Rabbi Einsidler, who studied at CUNY and was ordained at Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, is the Ritual Director of Park East Synagogue, Principal of the Leon and Gina Fromer Youth Enrichment Center, and instructor at the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School.

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