Honoring Dr. Larry and Ann Neuman – Guests of Honor


We are thrilled to announce the Park East Synagogue Annual Dinner Guests of Honor, Dr. Larry and Ann Neuman! Join us on Tuesday, June 6 for our Annual Dinner as we honor Larry and Ann in support of our Synagogue and Jewish Education.

Dr. Larry and Ann Neuman have devoted the last 40 years to treating the medically underserved community and to supporting the spiritually underserved Jewish community. With a subspecialty in the field of geriatrics, Dr. Neuman operates a large practice in upper Manhattan. Currently he is also the Medical Director of a chain of assisted living facilities in New York City and Long Island, responsible for the medical care of 2,000 senior citizens.

Ann is a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in the field of renal dialysis, oncology, and psychology. Later on she joined her husband in the medical practice where she serves as a nurse and also as the Medical Director of the multi-specialty medical practice.

Larry is a child of parents who were both Holocaust survivors who rose from the ashes of Auschwitz and came to this country with no language skills or means of support but succeeded in raising three generations of Torah-observant descendants. Larry holds a MD from SUNY Downstate medical school and interned at Long Island Hospital in Brooklyn and did his residency at Stamford Hospital at Yale-New Haven.

Dr. Neuman is past President and Baal Koreh of Congregation Brothers of Israel in Westchester. He has been honored by Aish Hatorah, Project Inspire, Chabad, and various Yeshivas for his work in the field of kiruv and for sponsoring Talmudic scholars to ensure the preservation of the Jewish faith for generations to come. No one reads the Torah at a moment’s notice as beautifully and as brilliantly as Larry. He is often called upon at Park East Synagogue and the Hampton Synagogue to read the Torah and Haftorahs. 

Larry and Ann have two children. Jonathan is a graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary where he majored in Psychology, English, and Judaic Studies. Jonathan is presently setting up various entrenpreneur businesses involving medicine and mobile medical diagnostics throughout the city. Larry and Ann’s daughter, Alexandra, received her BA degree in Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis and her MA degree in Fine Arts from the University of California in San Diego. She is an accomplished artist, working in the field of film, video, and performance art. Her work has been shown in various countries throughout Europe. She has also taught Hebrew at Park Avenue Synagogue Day School for the past five years.

In honoring Larry and Ann, Park East Synagogue and its Day School are delighted to reflect their admiration for such a leading couple who have added so much to the quality of the shul and its unique services.