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Passover 5784

Apr 22 - Apr 30

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Bedikat Chametz – Search for Chametz

This year the search for Chametz will take place on Sunday, April 21 after 8:30pm. All homes should be cleansed of Chametz prior to the search. After sundown the search for any leftover Chametz takes place. This search is customarily done with a candle but contemporary authorities instruct us to use electric lights as well to ensure that no crumb escapes our sight. The head of the household renounces possession of all Chametz unknown to him/her remaining in the house.

Erev Pesach – Fast of the first born

This year the eve of Passover occurs on Monday, April 22. All first-born Jewish males are to fast as an expression of gratitude to God who spared the Jewish first-born when their Egyptian counterparts were slain. Participation in a siyum, the completion of the study of a Talmudic tractate, is accepted in lieu of fasting. On Monday, April 22, Morning Services will take place at 7:30am followed by Justin Eichel’s siyum on a Tractate, followed by a festive breakfast. The traditional biur chametz, the burning of the Chametz, will take place on Monday, on the first floor playground, no later than 11:45am. No Chametz may be eaten after 10:38am on Monday, April 22. All leftovers must be disposed of by 11:30am. 

Chametz can be consumed starting Tuesday, April 30 at 9:00pm


Apr 22
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