Important Information Regarding Minyan Services

Minyan Guidelines

Dear Friends:
Please understand that everything below is subject to change and any changes will be communicated as quickly and clearly as possible.

We are tentatively planning a pilot program of a daily morning Minyan at 8am beginning Monday, June 15.
No one should attend a minyan if they are not comfortable doing so or if their particular
circumstances warrant caution. No one should feel pressured by any hosts or friends to participate at a minyan.

Medical Information

It is absolutely prohibited to attend a minyan if you are sick with any symptoms, including but not limited to a fever, sore throat, stomach issues or body aches. You will not be permitted to resume attending a minyan until cleared by a doctor.
Anyone who is immunocompromised, over 60 years old, obese, has heart disease, is on dialysis, has liver disease, or has another compromising condition is strongly urged to continue to daven at home and to consult with your physician to determine whether it is a good idea to join a minyan. Similarly, anyone who lives with such a person should consider continuing to daven at home.
Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not attend a minyan within 11 days of the positive result or within 72 hours of having a fever or respiratory symptoms, whichever is longer. Furthermore, anyone who has previously tested positive must also be cleared by a doctor for participation in a minyan.
An absolute condition of attending the minyan is for participants to affirm that they are symptom-free, that they will abide by the rules of distancing (spelled out below) and hygiene, and if G-d forbid, they develop any symptoms, they will immediately contact Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky with this information at [email protected].

Masks, Distancing & Hygiene

• Temperature will be taken for all participants arriving at services on a daily basis.
All participants (except for members of the same nuclear home) will be socially distanced at least 6 feet in all directions. Locations for each attendee will be clearly delineated.
Everyone at the minyan must wear an approved mask at all times. The mask must cover the mouth and nose and must be worn during the minyan and when entering and exiting the minyan location. Scarves and other cloth coverings are not approved as adequate face masks.
Participants at these minyan are committed to following the rules of social distancing and mask wearing, both at the minyan and in the street when required to do so.
Some people may have difficulty breathing with a mask on, especially in the heat. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about this and daven at home if this is a concern.
Every participant should bring their own hand sanitizer and water bottle (if needed) to every minyan. Nothing can be left at the home of the host.

Registration and Record Keeping

Registration will take place through the Synagogue.
To attend a minyan, you must sign up. There are no “pop ins” and non-registered people will be turned away.
Every individual (including family members and hosts) must pre register to ensure a minyan and proper record keeping.
Records will be kept of who was at each minyan. This will help with tracing efforts, if necessary.

Additional Precautions

Each participant will bring their own siddur from home.
There will be no place to wash your hands or get a drink.
No food or drink can be served before, during or after the minyan.