Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Moscow, Rabbi Goldschmidt received a rigorous Talmudic education in the prime Lithuanian Yeshivot in Israel, Ponevezh and Hevron, and continued his postgraduate studies at Beth Medrash Govoah in Lakewood, New Jersey. Rabbi Goldschmidt received his rabbinic ordination from the Hevron and Ohr Reuven yeshivot.

Rabbi Goldschmidt joined the Park East family in September 2011, immediately immersing himself in the life of our community. This included spearheading Bikur Cholim initiatives, expanding adult education with the Daf Yomi and engaging the young couples and professionals of the Upper East Side.

Inspired by his parents, father Pinchas- the Chief Rabbi of Moscow and the President of the Conference of European Rabbis and mother Dara, who founded the Etz Chaim Day School in Moscow to ensure his Jewish education, Rabbi Goldschmidt founded “Sunday Shkola”, a program teaching Jewish tradition in the Russian language, reaching out especially to the unaffiliated Russian speaking community in Manhattan.

Speaking Hebrew, English and Russian fluently, Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt, has been involved in many different programs and speaking engagements across the globe. Having given public Passover Seders in Moscow, lead a group for March of the Living in Europe, taught high school students in NY and headed camp “Kanfei” in Australia and New Zealand, Rabbi Goldschmidt looks to inspire and imbue life and love of our Jewish heritage in all those that he comes across.