5781 High Holy Days: The importance of tzedaka.

Dear Members,

As we enter the 5781 High Holy Days we are reminded of the importance of tzedakah. Our historic 131-year-old community continues with our mission of L’dor V’dor, providing from generation to generation a fine Jewish education to hundreds of children from all backgrounds every week.  The COVID 19 crisis has forced us to deal with unprecedented needs in our community, beyond our continued need to meet our ongoing commitments to our valued members and families. we have had to spend Hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing our institution and facilities to physically accommodate our schools, prayers and programs. In addition to rising expenses on security, as our concerns for safety is unparalleled, we also are investing in technology for live streaming programming, services and classes to keep everyone connected during these times.

We ask for you to send your generous contribution early to our Kol Nidre Campaign.  We hope you can match last year’s contribution.   We are grateful for the early contributions already received.

Herman Hochberg, President