132nd Anniversary Dinner Dance Honorees: Dr. Joshua and Jessica Rein

Young Leadership Award

Informed by their passion for Jewish values, education and their support for Israel, Dr. and Mrs. Jessica Rein exemplify young leadership in the Park East community as actively engaged Synagogue members and devoted Day School parents. 

Jessica, who is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, is passionate about educating all types of people about the Holocaust; she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Education with a focus on Holocaust Education from Hofstra University. She holds a Master’s in Education from Queens College, has taught at Jewish schools on Long Island, and volunteers as a class parent at Park East. 

Joshua is a Nephrologist and Hypertension Specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he conducts research with the hopes to discover new mechanisms for how kidneys function. He completed a Nephrology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital, an Internal Medicine Residency at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and helped open a clinic in Ghana while in medical school. 

The Reins, who recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, are the proud parents of three young children: their son, Julian and older daughter, Anneliese, are in second grade and the Nursery 3s, respectively, at Park East, and their younger daughter, Zoe, will be attending Park East’s Taste of School program next year. As a family, they regularly attend Shabbat Services at Park East Synagogue, where they also celebrated Anneliese’s and Zoe’s baby namings. Their children especially love Toby Einsidler’s Children Services each week. 

We look forward to honoring them at our 132nd Anniversary Dinner Dance on June 8!